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Featuring superior office space furnished to a very high standard. With a generous mix of facilities and solutions.

This attractive corporate center is situated in Mountain View close to Highways 237 and 85. More info

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Mountain View is situated in Silicon Valley and its main industries include high-tech and computer companies. Mountain View is home to many of Microsoft's corporation centres inclyding MSN Hotmail, Tellme, Xbox, Powerpoint and Mediaroom. It is also the location of the headquarters of AOl, Google, Actel Corporation, and Diamond Systems Corporation along with many other software and hardware companies.

The city is served by the Caltrain rail system and other rail and bus networks that are owned by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Although it is not home to any airports it is in close proximity to the SJC International Airport and the San Francisco International Airport. Mountain View is the first city in America to have a fully integrated IEEE wireless network and the entire city is serviced by a free internet access network which was set up by Google in 2006. Mountain View is a fantastic option for companies looking to open new offices or relocate business premises.